Marketing Research & Its Neccesary To Marketeers

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There are many reasons explaining the necessity of market research for businesses. Firstly, decision – makers are able to identify target customers as well as find out what customers think about products and services. Hence, it gives insights to decision – makers for targeting the right market.
Secondly, market research should be a part of business because consumers’ motivation and behavior change over time so you should really consider reviewing your research on a regular basis.
Thirdly, marketing research supports finding out information and data, depending on types of business as well as type of information decision – makers are seeking for. For example, for launching a new product, good market research gives decision – makers ideas about target audiences, how big the market is, whom the competition is and how to position in the marketplace. Market research enables marketers to test everything from ideas and perceptions to packaging. 
Fourthly, market research should be put in perspective by relating it to the costs of launching a product, brand or service then the costs is relatively low. Market research helps business in understanding viable ideas and improves sales volume in long term.
Fifthly, although marketers may do market research by themselves at least for desk research, for further steps, marketers should employ professional market researchers because they have experience with target respondents or what kind of questions should be asked in which situation. 
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